Ресторан Soma

Champagne, comfort food, signature cocktails and live jazz in the building of the Moscow nobility biggest revelries of the late 19th century — the legendary Hermitage restaurant.

why soma?

In the Vedic culture, an elixir drink that helps people get closer to the gods and, accordingly, absolute happiness. This drink had a recipe, it was mixed and brewed from locally sourced organics. This drink was called soma.

Our soma is not about intoxicating consciousness. It is about love, joy and the desire to share it. The recipe for soma according to Oleg Tsoi, Misha Pugachev, Pasha Nitsa, Vitaly Kuchura and Philip Golubev consists of wine, food, cocktails and art. And all this in a space with an open kitchen, amphitheater and two dining halls, hidden from prying eyes in the courtyard of a building with a special history.

Меню ресторана Soma
Тартар ресторан Soma
Кухня ресторана Soma

The Soma room is far from ordinary — it boasts a unique feature: the original columns, monnier vaults, and masonry bear witness to the important social events of the late 19th century. This building once housed the legendary Hermitage restaurant, where the French chef Lucien Olivier cooked for the pleasure of Moscow's elite.

In pre-revolutionary Moscow, this venue hosted all the iconic bohemian events - from the birthdays of Turgenev and Dostoevsky to Tchaikovsky's wedding and Gorky's premiere of the play "On the Ground". Pyotr Dmitrievich Boborykin, who was highly regarded in literary circles, once quipped that there were only three cultural centers in Moscow: Moscow University, the Maly Theater, and the Hermitage Restaurant.