Soma × 3L Gallery

Terra Incognita

03.07 — 31.08.2024

The Terra Incognita exhibition is a collaboration between the Soma restaurant and the object design gallery 3L Gallery. We see the cartographic term from the Middle Ages, which referred to uncharted lands, as a metaphor for a person’s life path and his searches in the world of art, often leading beyond the horizon of habitual perception to something new and unexpected. The artist Eugenia Tut used this concept for her series of textile works, which are the main showpieces of the exhibition.

In Soma, a space steeped in history, 3L Gallery's resident artists showcase works of art that push the traditional boundaries of art. Using a wide range of materials and techniques - from glass and textiles to cardboard and ceramics - Ulyana Khokhlova, DROZHDINI and Alena Mukhina created objects designed to awaken new associations and reflections.

Terra Incognita is an invitation to go beyond the ordinary and familiar into a world where art becomes a guide to new discoveries.

Artists: DROZHDINI, Alena Mukhina, Evgenia Tut, Ulyana Khokhlova